HP Deskjet 3755 AirPrint Setup

With Air Print, users can wirelessly print documents and photos from any Apple device including iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Max computer from their HP printers.

NOTE: Your HP printer should be compatible with AirPrint option. Mac computers which runs on OS X Lion v10.7 and newer versions are compatible. Also, iOS devices that runs on iOS and newer version will have AirPrint option.

Make sure that your printer and the Apple device are connected to the same wireless network.

  1. On your printer’s control panel home screen, tap on Network or How to Connect button.
  2. Make note of the name in the AirPrint section.
  3. Now, open a supported web server and enter your printer’s IP address to open the EWS (embedded web server).
  4. Go to the Networking tab and then choose TCP/IP Settings followed by Network Identification.
  5. Enter a new name in the Bonjour Service Name field and click Apply.
  6. On your Apple device, go to Settings and then choose Wi-Fi networks.
  7. From the list of options available, choose the printer which you want to use.

How to configure AirPrint for a Mac computer?

  1. Select System Preferences on the Apple menu.
  2. Choose Print & Scan.
  3. On the bottom left pane, click on the plus (+) sign.
  4. In the Nearby Printers, choose the name of your printer.
  5. Touch Print Using or Use box and then check if the AirPrint option is automatically selected. If not manually select the AirPrint driver.

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How to print from iPhone using an HP Envy 4510 printer?

Airprint Setup

We had earlier spoke regarding printing through the AirPrint software. Users will print photos, documents, emails or any websites from their iPhone with any intrinsic software system answer for iOS devices.

  • Before starting the print job, ensure that the wireless icon is switched on and your 123 HP ENVY 4510 is connected to a wireless connection network.
  • Open the Wi-Fi settings on your iPhone and check whether you are connected to the same wireless network connection as that of your HP ENVY 4510 printer.
  • It is to be noted that AiPrint does not have the capability to support public wireless networks like cellular data connections (3G or 4G), Bluetooth and hotspots.
  • Go to the App store and download any one of the compatible printing app on your iPhone. Now, the app.
  • Click on the app’s share button and find the print icon.
  • Come to the home screen and then open the document, photo, email or web page you would wish to print and then choose the Share icon. (Otherwise, you click on Menu and then touch the Print option.)
  • After selecting the particular file, tap on Print option.
  • You will be navigated to the Printer Options menu where you will have to select a printer.
  • Select the printer you want to use.
  • Change any print settings, specify the number of copies to be printed and then tap on the Print option to get the print job done.

When the printer completes the process of printing, the documents or photos can be viewed by double-clicking on the Home button of your iPhone. Go to the Print Center and choose the document which was printed recently.

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