HP OfficeJet 5255 All in One Photo Printer

Printer Setup by means of USB connection

The Modern Printers have been designed to connect and receive printing commands from stationary workstations to mobile devices and gadgets promoting ease, convenience and preferences. Here is a methodical approach to help successfully connect your HP OfficeJet 5255 Printer to a windows activated PC over a USB wire-type connection. Full Feature HP Drivers are very central and a crucial requirement to take maximum advantage of the in-built software features.

If you are wondering where to find them, they are available as quick online downloads at 123.hp.com or 123.hp.com/setup 5255 otherwise on HP Customer Support – Software and Driver Downloads.

Step 1 : Tick your Preparation Check-list prior to Setup

Before any initiation of actual Printer Setup operation, there are few fundamental preparatory activities that need to be conducted which includes accounting for and verifying absolute minimum requirements, USB Cable readiness and usability etc.

  1. The first obvious step is to keep the inventory of items ready and confirm if they are functional.
    1. The Printer has to be ON and not in standby mode, regardless, for the USB connection to work.
    2. Find a working USB Cable whose length is under 3m or 10 ft.
    3. Check for a free/usable USB port on the computer/laptop to which the USB cable can be connected to. Please be advised to avoid USB connectivity through a USB Port Hub or Docking station as there may not be sufficient power supply for efficient operation.
  2. Had the USB cable been connected to the computer/laptop prior to the installation of HP Drivers, then you should take a corrective action by erasing the printer from the Windows installed devices and attempt to do a fresh installation of the drivers during which a prompt will appear for plugging the USB cable.
  3. Plug out the USB Cable from either sides and never attempt to connect unless prompted during the driver installation process.
  4. Click on Windows Icon on your laptop/Computer and enter ‘Devices’ and look up the results. Click on Devices and Printers which is a control panel setting shown up in the results.
  5. The targeted Printer Icon which must be erased can be done so by clicking on Right-Click and Remove. Iterate the same steps to remove all traces of same printer icons when found.
  6. You may close down the Devices and Printers Window and move on to the second step.

Step 2 : Printer Driver Installation and actual USB Setup Process

The real USB Setup process is not feasible without the installation of the printer drivers and ensure they are the most recent and the most updated version before advancing ahead.

  1. Open the Browser and type in hp.com and key in the printer model number of yours and the site will direct you to download the latest drivers. Don’t ever forget to select USB as the Connection Type to forge and complete a successful USB Setup.
  2. What if your printer is not found on the site or the download aborts, panic not and pursue the guidelines stated below to choose and install the desired print driver from a HP website .
  3. Open the Browser and head to HP Customer Support – Software and Driver Downloads and furnish the details of Printer Model and OS System version.
  4. If you stumble upon ‘Let’s Identify your product to get started’ page, input the details of the Printer model number and finish with a Submit. Doing so will return a search results page with a software index registry to choose from for a given Operating System.
  5. If you would like to opt for an OS Change, you may very well do by clicking on Change, Version Selection and finally click on Change
  6. Locate Driver where you would find and choose between a complete software suite or fundamental drivers.
  7. The Installer will encourage you to select a connection option where USB must be selected to complete the Setup process.
  8. The final step is to test the printer functionality by engaging in Print, Scan or Fax.