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123.HP.com/setup 5000, 5020, 5032 Envy Printer Setup

HP Envy 5000, 5020, 5032 Wireless setup

Establish the wireless communication to the HP Envy 5055 printer and the connecting device using the Wireless Setup Wizard of the printer panel. Click on the Wireless sign on the control panel and tap Settings option. Settings will return the Wireless Setup Wizard option. Finally, follow the instructions that pop-up on the screen.

HP Envy 5000, 5020, 5032 Wireless setup for Mac

For the Mac device wireless setup, you need to have the network name and passkey. Choose the network that offers broadband internet without signal breakage. Press the Wireless icon on the printer and open the Wireless Setup Wizard. It will pop up with the networks available. Select the network and enter the pass key.

HP Envy 5000, 5020, 5032 Wireless setup for Windows

               From the desktop screen of the Windows computer, get into the Windows option. Search for All Apps or Programs and choose your printer name. Find the Utilities option, and click the Printer Setup & Software. Finally, make use of the option Connect the printer to wireless.

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

You should move to the Wi-Fi Protected Setup only after installing the HP Printer software from the legitimate site. If your printer supports the WPS pushbutton mode, choose the router that supports WPS method. Press the WPS buttons on both the devices, one after the other and wait for few minutes to synchronize.

HP Envy 5000, 5020, 5032 Troubleshooting

HP Envy 5000, 5020, 5032 Printer Will Not Connect To Computer

  • First, you need to check if the installed driver is compatible with the computer’s OS.
  • And also, complete the pending updates on the computer to proceed further.
  • Make sure the printer is not in the offline mode. At last, restart the computer and printer to find if it resolves the issue.

HP Envy 5000, 5020, 5032 Print Is Stuck In Queue

  • As a first move, you need to click the Cancel option on the printer to discard the progressing print jobs.
  • For an instant solution, you can download and run the automated diagnostic tool.
  • It will remove the stuck print jobs and empty the print spooler.

HP Envy 5000, 5020, 5032 Printer Will Not Recognize Ink Cartridge

  • Reset the internal memory if the new ink cartridges are not recognized after you install it.
  • Make sure that the plastic covers are removed from the ink cartridges. And then, check the contacts for smudges and damages.
  • The Enable Cartridge Protection should be turned on. If this feature is switched off, it will prevent the ink cartridges from being recognized.

HP Envy 5000, 5020, 5032 Printer Will Not Connect To Wi-Fi

  • Shut down the computer, printer, and router, and start the devices after few minutes.
  • Uninstall the HP Software components and install the new software that suits the printer and computer specifications.
  • The connection can be a USB, Wi-Fi, or Wired network. Now, you can troubleshoot the connection issues.

123 hp com Envy 5000, 5020, 5032 Printer offline issues

  • If the printer is connected to the Windows 10 computer, then complete the updates which will improve the performance of the printer.
  • Set the printer preferences to the Network Defaults. And then, download the HP automated tool for fixing the issue automatically.
  • Run the tool using the prompt message. If the printer still offline, go to the next troubleshooting steps.
  • The default print driver may have replaced with another driver, which caused the problem.
  • So, you need to change the default print driver to the originally installed driver.
  • If the status message displays on the screen, switch off the printer and turn on it.
  • Discover the Devices and Printers option from the Windows button. Explore the originally installed printer.
  • Find the default printer and right-click on the displayed option. Now, you need to choose See what’s printing.
  • Choose Printer and uncheck the Pause Printing and Use Printer Offline options.
  • After removing the checkmark, try to print. Resetting the printer will help to retrieve the device connection.
  • If the printer uses a wireless connection, reboot the router. Disconnect the devices and remove the power cord.
  • Again, connect them and reboot the devices. If the issue continues to occur, you can call us instantly.